Happy Russia!

06/06/2016 12:17 | Content Baralist.com
Day of Russia - the most important and patriotic holiday for people across our vast country and, of course, for you and me! Therefore, we want to congratulate our dear Baralist activities service users with this significant date of public
This is a historic day, 26 years ago, was adopted by the main document that has shaped modern Russia - the Declaration of State Sovereignty of the RSFSR. And in 2002, a public holiday for all citizens of our homeland became officially known as the Day of Russia.
This holiday has become a symbol of our independence and national unity of all Russians. And it's wonderful summer three-day weekend, during which all the cities of Russia will be held mass celebrations and lots of fun activities for the whole family! All the best events, dedicated to the main holiday, the Day of Russia, you will find on our website Baralist.com! We wish you have a great holiday weekend and to make their lives every day bright and saturated with service Baralist!