Dialogue with the support of the St. Petersburg Administration

23/09/2015 14:26 | эвент-агентство Baralist Event

The festival "Living Dialogue" will be held with the active support of the Committee on Youth Policy and Interaction with NGOs of Saint-Petersburg Administration & nbsp;. For the first time in Russia! The unique event will bring together 5000 young boys and girls who are ready to get out of the Internet and go to the live chat during the First Youth Festival "Living Dialogue».

The festival will be held in the Primorsky Victory Park on Krestovsky Island. The festival will take place: a competition "Miss Harmony 2015" mini-competitions for the girls "Alyonushka-the PRO 'and boys' Ivanushki-PRO». Also as part of the Festival will be held at the same time many free workshops and trainings 40 best psychologists of the city of St. Petersburg.

At the end of the festival will be a beautiful fire-show and stunning "Dances of Universal Peace" in the form of a round dance to thousands of people lump sum uniting all participants of the Festival into a single harmonious and "we". This event will be announced for inclusion in the Russian Book of Records as the biggest dance of young people in Russia!

The festival "Living Dialogue" aims to help young people to solve the problems seen by psychologists:

  • care of young people from the real society, electronic gadgets and network illusory replacement and the erosion of basic communication values, replacement concepts such as friendship, in the pseudo-friendships in social networks, selfie-exhibitionism, as an indicator of acute loneliness inside;
  • increased number deeply lonely people in a big city, estrangement and alienation at the level of emotional attachment and commitment, leading to an increase in neuroses% per unit of the population;
  • increase in the number of divorces in our city (of which 15% are due to social networks) and the threat of future demographic "hole»;
  • the destruction of traditional values ​​such as responsibility, compassion and readiness to help, leading to infantilization new generations and the isolation of individuals and globally - to a weakening of the nation, as a single-minded community.

Three girls, who won the competition "Miss Harmony 2015", will have dinner with the young millionaire in one of the most expensive restaurants in St. Petersburg, where they will take a luxurious limousine, and will meet the winner a millionaire gorgeous bouquet of flowers. Also the winner of the contest will be awarded with valuable prizes from the sponsors of the Festival.

Baralist Service is a partner of the festival