On Children's Day!

24/05/2016 16:20 | Content Baralist.com
Very soon there will come the long-awaited summer, will begin a vacation in children, and at the same time with the beginning of the summer around the world, children and parents will celebrate International Children's Day! 
In this day in many children's and cultural institutions across Russia held festive events: concerts and parties, promotions and festivals. Guys of all ages waiting for a lot of variety of fun and rewarding experiences, both in the capital and in many Russian cities.
Congratulations to the parents and children to this wonderful holiday and wish your kids very happy childhood and loving family!
Spend the day with your child and give him a festive mood, thanks to affordable recreational activities that you can easily find on our service Baralist!
Celebrate this summer together with your children! We wish you peace and understanding in the family!
The most favorite,
Our beautiful
Pretty Little children
We congratulate hurry!
Bright sun
And the clear sky
We wish
Forever you want!