5 tips for promotion of training

29/04/2015 14:17

A lot of the organizers of various trainings, seminars and master classes faced with the challenge of attracting audiences to their training. As practice shows, if not untwisted name in the business coach, the students in his training (even if they are free) to find very problematic. To tell exactly how to unleash your training and your name, we have prepared a few tips.

  1. Think of a name for Training and and collect all the necessary information for it. First, his name should personify the solution to the problem, which wants to have for yourself a potential participant. For example, "How to lose weight by summer" or "How to promote business online for 14 days." Secondly, you need to be an expert in this field or to invite such a person. Be sure to think carefully about the structure of Training as well, as well as record (print) all program material on paper.

  2. Create a page with a description of your Training and using the on-line service . This must be some kind of advertising platform, which will be able to talk about your product, as well as its benefits. Be sure to write on the items you are waiting for someone on your event and that the participants will receive after successful completion. Do not forget to prescribe the methods of payment and the conditions of access to the Training from (for example, the purchase of tickets on-service ).

  3. Make the newsletter 5-7 emails with helpful free material before starting the main product. This will be the start of your campaign. Letters should be sent every day, anticipating the release of Training a. Be sure to calculate their share by leaps. Mail Merge can be done through online services as the basis of its own subscribers (which you can download from the Excel file), and using the subscriber base of service .

  4. Find the target audience on the Internet (pages and groups in social networks, Specialized s forums and other discussion platforms). As a rule, people who communicate on websites, blogs, forums and social groups that are very active and will turn its attention to your publication. Start to position yourself as an expert in your field, publish a link to the page of your activities on the website . Let's just practical tips.

  5. Search the Internet like-minded . Spend a massive advertising campaign in the thematic mailing lists partners (you can use an affiliate network online service . Invite them to mutually beneficial cooperation: a percentage of sales or free material for their business. Next make the announcement to their mailing lists, which put on the newsletter subscription. As soon as you type the desired number of participants, perform Training for the planned scheme.

    At the end of the training contact all participants will remain in you, in your personal contacts on the service And on the training page, you can upload photos from the event and conduct a survey among its members.