Create an event


For the organization of an event "from scratch" you need 10 minutes to download a description, form the database of visitors and send out invitations. Assembled base visitors can be used in following events. The organization of a new event can be done in 4 minutes!

Manage events

Service Baralist takes into account who came to the event 40% faster than a paper list. Visitors can observe a ready list, "ban" the guilty and encourage distinguished. For your operational work of mobile applications for all popular platforms.

Analyze event

All reports about the event are available immediately after its completion, you will be able to receive reviews from members over the Internet, receive their photos. Analyze helpfulness of subscribers and build a ranking of your guests. Colorful reports full of statistics.

Baralist - Your efficient assistant

Baralist will be your effective assistant in the activities of any complexity, begin using Baralist

Add an event

Plugins for browsers

Mobile apps

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