The service for organizing events, Baralist, is a unique tool for the organization of event activities. We have created a tool that will help you be effective and carry out your activities with maximum comfort, efficiency and professionalism.

You only need to start working with the service and believe you will not be able to stop! Baralist allows you to organize the event, any of volume and any subject from a small party to a huge conference, press screenings, seminars, wedding events, Sports, Birthdays and parties, exhibitions, conferences, banquets, so anyone with the activities to which you want to invite people , keep track of their visit and get to the analyst. This service allows you to create an event to which you invite guests, make a list of the guests, inform them of the event, noting their visit, to see how efficiently your event went, interview them after the event, a report to the leadership of the event.

When we designed Baralist we thought about how to make it very convenient and asked to test the platform by event organizers, hundreds of hours of usage and testing allowed us to align all processes to remove any unnecessary tasks, and we give you Baralist.

If you are an organizer, our service serves as an effective assistant in the activities of any complexity, we help you to be modern and agile in dealing with visitors.

If you`re a visitor, our service will be a trend of significant events the industry and you will not lose a single event that you need.

Service Baralist can be used in the free mode, using limited functionality and use all of the opportunities to choose any of the paid tariff plans. Unfortunately, we have to contain a large server farm that uses technical resources and electricity, you can not imagine how much electricity is eaten up by a 200Tb disk array and 6 control servers! And do not forget to ask about the team that works for you every day for 12 hours. And sometimes on Saturday. So we can not do without the subscription tariffs!

We can not guarantee that all of us are there when you like it, but believe me, we will try to achieve this. Now and in the future we have planned and developed a lot of additional services, many handy applications.

If you have suggestions for new features you can post them to the discussion through this form. Community members of Baralist discuss it and if it will gather enough votes we will take it to the development and launch as soon as possible.

Service event organization sells tickets for your events.

    The Commission is for Baralist
  • 9% for the withdrawal of money in the amount of at least 100 000 rub.
  • 8,5% for the withdrawal of money in the amount of 100 000 to 500 000 rub.
  • 8% for the withdrawal of money in the amount of 500 000 to 1 000 000 rub.
  • 7,5% for the withdrawal of money in the amount of 1 000 000 to 3 000 000 rub.
  • 7% for the withdrawal of money in the amount of 3 000 000 rub.

We have created the most effective of your assistants - Baralist

    Main office:
  • Malaya Pochtovaya 12/4, Moscow, Russia
  • 8 (495) 729 38 53
  • 8 (926) 597 46 96
  • Russia: rus@baralist.com
  • England: eng@baralist.com
  • Management company: Startfilm Group LLC

Baralist helps

With a simple and convenient service Baralist you can very quickly become a successful and popular as an organizer in your company or in other entities. Work with Baralist and be successful organizer!

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